What Jim stands for


Channeling with no ego for YOUR highest good and the good of humanity


What you need to know and what is relevant to you…at this time in your life


Every session is in a loving, supportive, and healing environment

About Jim

Prolific channeler, Reiki Master Teacher, Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, co-founder of Human Colony (Hucolo), and channeled Galactic Energy Healing and White Magic classes.

Jim has been channeling higher dimensional beings and collectives since 2013. He has hosted many live and group events and private sessions with clients all over the world.


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Some of the Channeled Beings

  • Tekkrr (Lyran) : mothering spirit. human colony, alien encounter
  • Pentim (Yahyel): human colony, day-to-day general human knowledge, alien encounter
  • Disdoo (Yahyel, Captain of the Ship): scientific information
  • Lakesh (Blue Pleidian): spiritual help, inter personal activities, alien encounter
  • Ish or Ish-Tish-Tack (Ascended Master from the Sirius)
  • Cyntia (from the Sirius) Spiritual Questions
  • Sangy (Fendorian) Hybrid Children
  • Tepeh : (Pleiadian) medical
  • Shell : (Shakani) a teacher; spiritual advise
  • Suun (an Elemental Spirit): mother earth related matters
  • Almatok : abstract information
  • Spirit guides : your own spirit guides
  • Higher Selves : your own higher self

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What clients say



speaks to God and angels

"I have an ongoing monthly session with Jim, speaking with various beings. With each session, my life continues to evolve in body, mind, and spirit. Incredible! Thank you, Jim, and God bless you."



believes in magick

"Jim has been my connection to my galactic family for many years. He has also brought to me my higher self as well as many wise teachers. These sessions have given me hope, positive encouragement, surprising revelation and new insights into my true self and multi dimensional nature."